CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) Business Registration Training Course

You read the heading correctly. Let me say it again; people you are smarter than are making over 300k monthly registering business with their smartphone!

If you are looking for a job or side hustle that pays 6 figures monthly without stress, look no further! CAC business registration service is a sure cash making machine you can trust!

CAC is an autonomous body charged with the responsibility to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria.

All you need to do is simply help people register their business with the commission by filling forms online on the CAC portal. I will not just teach you how to fill these technical business registration forms on the CAC portal, I will teach you the business of it.

Business Registration skill is one skill you can do either as a full-time job or as a side hustle.
I have a friend who is also a lawyer earning N30k monthly salary, he usually gives me CAC jobs he got from people and we share profits.

When he realized that he was making four times his salary from CAC deals by merely sharing profits with me, he resigned to start his own corporate services and real estate business.

He got some training from me and now he’s making over 300k monthly from his CAC deals alone.

He’s currently encouraging his fellow lawyers to learn the business and earn a good income while looking forward to that great job or opportunity.

It’s surprising to know that most people cashing out from the business are neither lawyers nor chartered accountants.

A lawyer friend also told me a story about a man who is not a lawyer but provides business registration services.

He talked about how the man achieved greatly from the business, and currently has many lawyers working for him.

I couldn’t agree less because my students and I are testimony of how lucrative this business is.

I read Agric Economics and was a website designer for several years before I had an accident that kept me indoors for over two months.

Before the accident, I long uploaded a video tutorial on How To Register Business Name With CAC based on their old portal. The video had over 3000 views and lots of comments.

While staying indoors as a result of the accident, I started enlightening people through my WhatsApp Status on why they should register their business; the benefits, and other business info.

Boom! I started getting leads and converting them. I can remember closing a company registration deal for 70k, where I spent approximately 20k and made 50k instantly! I was wowed and stepped up my Whatsapp status activities and that was it!

The kind of money I earned while lying down on the sickbed made me drop website design and focus on Corporate Services.

There’s cash in the website design business; but it’s stressful, demanding and takes time. I prefer business registration because I do it 100% with my smartphone; it takes less time, the profit is massive and the market is large!

I make over 500k monthly from referrals, recommendations, WhatsApp status activities and recently from my youtube channel.

I have prepared all you need to start and run this business. You don’t have to be a lawyer or chartered accountant.

All you need is the training course, your smartphone and you are good to go!

A Student Testimony

CAC Business Registration Training Course
CAC Business Registration Training Course

Now Lemme Walk You Through What You Will Be Getting In The Course. Read Through Carefully and Listen To What Some Students Have To Say.

What You Will Learn In Business Registration Training Course:

  • Introduction To CAC (Understanding Corporate Affairs Commission) — Free
  • Important Rules To Note Before You Start Business Registration – N5000
  • Business Name Registration – N5000
  • Company Registration (Private Company Limited by Shares) – N10000
  • Incorporated Trustees Registration (NGO, Foundation, Association, Church, Club Registration) – N10000
  • Marketing And Pricing Your Business Registration Services – N5000
  • Bonus – How to Convert A Business Name To Company Course – N10000



  • Sample Objectives and How To Write Yours – N2500
  • Sample Articles of Association – N2500
  • Sample Memart You can Work With – N2500 
  • Sample Constitution for Registering Incorporated Trustees – N2000
  • Sample Minutes of Meeting – N3000
  • Sample Contents You Need For Incorporated Trustees Registration – N2000
  • Status Declaration Of Trustees Form – Free



You will get the following marketing content and materials you can use to engage and convert your prospects:

  • Marketing contents you need to promote your CAC services and engage prospects – N1000
  • Graphics Designs For Promoting Your Business Registration Services – N15000
  • WhatsApp Workflow For Engaging Your Clients – N1000
  • Business Registration Requirement Forms – Free


I’m actually setting you up for business without any stress, all you need is the course, your smartphone and you are good to go! Completely hassle-free!
Business Registration Services is a sweet business, it gave me income and achievements web design couldn’t give to me. You too will testify.


Yes! I provide 24/7 support and mentorship to all my students answering their questions and helping them with solutions that help them get jobs done – This Offer is Priceless

Total Worth – N74000

Instead of paying N74000, I am giving you access to this life-changing and empowering deal for N20000 only. Price goes up any moment from now.


You don’t need any qualifications to enrol on this course or provide CAC registration services. All you need is the course and your smartphone. 

CAC service is 100 per cent virtual, that’s to say you will be working and making money on the go while lying down and anywhere.


The course is a video course on my Learning Management System (LMS). You watch how everything is done from beginning to end. It’s a step by step process. Everything is well structured on the LMS and walks you from intro to the last. 


You gain instant access immediately your payment is confirmed.


Yes of course there’s certification though it’s optional. CAC Business Registration is more of sabification than certification! 

What Some Of My Students Have To Say

Still Here? You Have Seen That This Business Work. This Is One Skill You Can’t Go Wrong With!


I am giving you a guarantee that this skill will pay you massively when you put what you learned to work! It’s a guarantee! This course doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee! Nevertheless, It will pay you and you might end up doing it full time. That’s how sweet it can be!

See you in class!

Coach: Fabulous Aniche