Unto them he gave power

About the book

“When the (unseen) secrets behind any occurrence or fact are uncovered, its change is in view”.

“Miracles are not guesswork; They are not ” try your luck”! They answer to secrets.

Discover the secrets via fellowship with the Holy Ghost.
In this classic, Pastor Godsent shows us the secret to power. He says, learning to gain mastery over the unseen, ensures delivery in the visible world.

About the author

Godsent Aluede is a Nigerian born pastor, author and crusader, whose desire is to have the church experience the realities of the “powers of the age to come”, in its entirety.

A graduate of biochemistry from the University of Benin, the author of ” The mysteries of communion and the host of an annual prayer campaign tagged “Festival of prayers”.

Haven pastored several branches of Church of God mission, he currently serves as the Chaplain of Word of Faith schools Abuja, and a pastor in Church of God mission, Grace Center, Abuja.

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