Who we are

We delight in making prolific footprints

Our Vison

Fabulous Impact envisions becoming top ten (10) innovative hubs empowering and transforming the potentials of African youths through leadership, entrepreneurship, technology events and training

Our Mission

Fabulous Impact is on the mission to make young Africans globally relevant and empowered for career and life success.

Our Team

Our team comprises of young people who heart beat is to make a difference and be part of the solutions to the problems of our nation and Africa at large.

We Love Empowering Young People To Thrive

Impact focused initiative!

Fabulous Impact is an innovative hub that empowers young people for success via career, entrepreneurial, leadership events and training with the 21st-century in perspective.

We are passionate about helping young people define and develop their career and achieve phenomenal success early.

We collaborate with various field career professionals and organizations in delivering timeless values that make life and career development easy for young people.

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